We all have too much stuff.  The fact is, we never use 80% of what we own.  

Below is a top ten list of reasons to help you make the decision to “get rid of it”:

  1.  You don’t need it anymore – You’re over it.
  2.  Someone else does need it – Cell phones, for example, are frequentlly refurbished and  given to victims of domestic violence.
  3.  There’s just too much stuff – If there’s no place to put it, get rid of it!
  4.  It doesn’t work anymore – FYI, chances are the parts can probably be recycled.
  5.  It doesn’t fit you anymore – Whether you’ve lost weight or gained weight, whatever the case may be, get rid of it.  You can get a  tax deduction for donations.
  6.  It no longer suits your lifestyle -You’re moving, redecorating or downsizing or, you’re just ready for a new look.
  7. You can get value from it – Sell it on e-bay, donate it and get a tax deduction, have a garage sale or set up an estate sale.
  8.  Less stuff makes your life easier.  There’s less to clean.  Getting rid of clutter will reduce housework by 40%.
  9. It’s expired -Oh, just get rid of it.
  10. Because “Less is More” -Ludwig Miles van der Rohe

          If you’re still not sure whether you should get rid of it or not, ask yourself the following questions: 



1. Is the information still current?

2. Can the document be duplicated if needed?

3. What is the worst thing that can happen if I get rid of it?

4. Is it a duplicate?

5. How long do I need to keep it?

6. Do I need it for tax, legal, insurance, or warranty issues?

7. Can I find the information some place else?



1. Do I love it?

2. Does it fit?

3. Is it too worn?

4. Is it out of style?

5. Do I feel great in it?

6. Does it match anything else?


Other Items

1. Is it broken?

2. Do I use it?

3. Will I really need it?

4. Does it make others happy to see it?

5. If I keep it, will I remember I have it?

6. If I was moving, would I want to pay to have it packed and shipped?

7. Can I borrow or purchase another one if I need it?

8. Does it make me happy?

9. Am I keeping it because someone else gave it to me even though I don’t like it?



          So, get started today by getting rid of the things that either have no value (sentimental or monetary) or no longer have a place in your life.  Ready, set, go!