Ten great reasons to get organized

Why get organized?

  1. To reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed.
  2. To achieve more in less time.
  3. To gain a sense of control.
  4. To set a good example for your kids.
  5. To project a better image to your clients, colleagues, and friends.
  6. To reduce your stress level.
  7. To clear your head of all the clutter.
  8. To gain energy and calm from your space.
  9. To make better use of your talents and skills.
  10. To have more time to spend on what’s important to you.

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Before and after:

Living room before and after organizing

Tips for organizing important documents

Can you find your important documents when you need them right away? Are they all in one place?

Having your important documents organized and in one place, is, by far, one of the most important areas of your life to have organized.

All of your important documents can and should be stored safely, in one place, to prevent chaos in the case of a disaster or emergency. Take control of your important documents and get them organized before something happens. Put them together in a binder or if you have one, a fireproof/waterproof container. Whatever you choose, make sure that it is accessible and can be easily carried out of the house in case of any emergency.

The following is a list of documents that should be kept together and in a safe place:


  • Last Will & Testament
  • Living Trust
  • Power of Attorney
  • Healthcare Directives
  • Beneficiary Designations
  • Birth Certificates
  • Adoption Records
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Marriage License
  • Divorce Decrees or Separation Agreement
  • Child Support Documents
  • Mortgage Papers/Real Estate Deeds
  • List of All Tangible Personal Property
  • Most Recent Tax Returns
  • Military Service Records/Military Discharge Papers
  • Insurance Papers (The “Declarations” page of your Insurance Policies including, but not limited to, Homeowners, Flood, Earthquake, Umbrella, Life and Term)
  • Automobile Leases/Vehicle Titles
  • Employment Contracts/Business Agreements
  • Contact Information (Friends, Family, Doctors, Bankers, Lawyers, Insurance Brokers/Agents, Business Associates)
  • Social Security Cards/Passports/Visas
  • Medical Records for Each Family Member (Including Pets)

Finally, make sure to give someone else, perhaps your attorney or other trusted advisor, a copy for safekeeping.

How to organize mail

Before you start, I recommend having the following supplies available:

  • shredder
  • Recycling bin
  • Trash bin
  • Calendar
  • Two trays (one for incoming mail and one for outgoing mail)

I highly recommend setting up a mail station wherever you keep your files.

Keep in mind that there’s really only four options when it comes to incoming mail. You can: Toss it, Shred It, File It or Put it in an action file (ie. To Do, To Read, To Pay, etc.)

If you are not in the habit of going through your mail daily, try scheduling a time in your appointment book or calendar so that you make the time to open your mail every day. This will prevent the mail from piling up.

When going through your mail:

  • Immediately toss all junk mail.
  • Shred anything that has your personal information on it that you are not interested in (ie. credit card offers).
  • File all statements or other mail in their appropriate files (which should be right there next to you)
  • Any items that need attention should be filed in your Action files. If it is a bill then put it in your “Bills to Pay” file, if it is an invitation, put it in your Upcoming Events file.
  • inally, don’t forget to put any important dates or due dates on your calendar!

This whole process should take a few minutes. If you take just a few minutes each day, you will ultimately avoid having the mail pile up day after day. It will also avoid needless late fees or penalties from unpaid bills.

Remember to keep it simple!

Just the facts

Being organized can help save you time and money, increase productivity and reduce stress. In a recent survey, NAPO, the National Association of Professional Organizers, found that:

  • 96% of those surveyed felt that they could save time each day if they were more organized at home.
  • 91% felt they could be more efficient at work if they were better organized.
  • 71% indicated their quality of life would improve with more organization.

As Harry Browne once said, “Everything you want in life has a price connected to it. There’s a price to pay if you want to make things better, a price to pay just for leaving things as they are, a price for everything.”

So, weigh the price you pay for leaving things as they are against the price you pay to make it better. If you decide that you want to get organized, you will need to invest some time and energy but it will be well worth it.

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Closet space before…


Closet space after!


Organize your office space

Organizing your office increases efficiency through filing, space planning and time management. The organization of your workspace plays a big role in how efficiently and effectively you complete tasks at work. Having specific drawers or cabinets for readily used items can save you time when you’re in need of the item. Working in an organized environment can increase your motivation and help you quickly find the items you’re looking for -saving you a lot of precious time.

You will save time and money if you are more efficient. Time is money. Therefore, the more time you spend trying to sort through bits and pieces of paper, the less work you’ll be able to complete. This results in more money that you’ll potentially be losing. Loose receipts and stray papers should be filed appropriately and be kept away from your working space. Being properly organized saves you the time to work on assignments and projects that are essential to your work.

You will accomplish more in less time. Working in a clean, organized environment feels better. Clutter can be overwhelming, and when you just can’t seem to find that document you’re looking for, you often lose motivation and may become overly stressed. If you place everything where it ought to be in the first place, then you’ll have little difficulty locating it when the need arises.

We can set up systems (filing or paper flow) to maximize efficiency and productivity. If you feel as though the work is just too much, know that help is always available. Avoid the stress by hiring professionals to take care of your filing for you. We’ll have your office looking neat and tidy. And you will, without a doubt, enjoy your office space once again.

We can organize your space so that you can find what you’re looking for quickly. You don’t need to worry about where you put your important documents and contracts again. Our team will ensure that everything is perfectly sorted so that when you’re in a rush and on the go, you can easily locate the document you need.

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Office space before…

Disorganized office space

Office space after!

Organized office space


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