It’s the end of another year. Damn…that went fast! Is it just me or does each year go by faster and faster?

I digress…it’s time to talk about holiday gift giving. While I think it’s wonderful to give and to receive, as a Professional Organizer, I see WAAAAAAAY to much “stuff” this time of year. It’s just all too much!

This holiday season, why not consider giving someone the gift of an experience rather than giving them something they might not want, might not like and/or might not have room for. Give a gift that will create a wonderful memory, “a gift that keeps on giving” so to speak.

The following are some options/suggestions, many of which will help you and your loved ones create memories that will last forever:

1. Experiences
a. Get tickets to a movie, show or sporting event
b. Share a meal at a new/different restaurant you’ve been wanting to try
c. Start a new family tradition. This is especially great for newly married couples, new parents and blended families.

2. Memberships
a. Theme Park
b. Season Tickets to the Movies/Theatre
c. Health Club/Gym

3. Subscriptions
a. Magazines
b. Amazon Prime
c. Spotify (or other music app)

4. Classes
a. Cooking
b. Dancing
c. Music

5. Consumables
a. Fruit Basket
b. Restaurant Gift Card
c. Homemade Cookies

6. Memories
a. Transfer old VHS tapes on to a hard-drive or disc
b. T-shirt/sweatshirt quilt
c. Photo calendar

7. Health & Wellness:
a. Spa treatment
b. Mani/pedi
c. Go on a retreat

8. Reprieve
a. Baby-sitter
b. House-cleaner
c. Professional Organizer (I know, I know…shameless plug)

9. Adventure
a. Take a road trip
b. Do something out of your comfort zone (zip lining, race car driving)
c. Go on a hike

10. Travel
a. Plan a one night or weekend get-away
b. Round trip tickets to get out-of-town
c. Day trip locally

Be more mindful of the gifts that you’re giving so they don’t wind up as clutter but, rather, as something that the recipient will truly treasure.

Of course, there’s always a Gift Certificate available for someone you know who wants some help with organizing (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Holiday Season!