“Not only does she get them organized but then goes on to coach them on how to stay organized…”

I have known Dina Braverman and her company Organizing Concepts and Designs, professionally for many years. She is the consummate professional; she operates with the highest integrity and her work ethic is second to none. People and companies who have used her services have been pleasantly surprised on how she goes above and beyond what they have experienced from other companies they have used in the past. Not only does she get them organized but then goes on to coach them on how to stay organized long after the used her services. She is highly recommended.

-Stuart J.

“…she made a situation that felt traumatic to us so easy.”

Dina is the most incredibly organized person you will ever meet. We moved from a large home after 60 years. As one can imagine we had accumulated mountains of stuff. Dina immediately knew what to do. She brought her hard working and wonderfully kind crew in and made a situation that felt traumatic to us so easy. She was so easy to work with. Our needs changed many times as we sold our house and the buyers took most of our furniture and Dina just rolled along with every change. I highly recommend Organizing Concepts to take the stress out of moving.

-Jean S.

She made an emotional stressful experience so bearable. You’ll be in good hands.

Ms. Dina Braverman, in the words of a Southern man, is a wonderful “little lady.” And..GOOD things come in SMALL packages. As the head of Organizing Concepts & Designs, Dina made a thorough assessment of the estate I was in charge of and gave me a “guesstimate” of the cost to remove a deceased person’s estate in the midst of a pandemic!
When the date came, she arrived early and had her crew set to work. All we had to do was go have breakfast. Her estimate was over the amount that actually ended up costing, and everything was handled with aplomb.
I cannot…CANNOT recommend her more highly. She made an emotional stressful experience so bearable. You’ll be in good hands.

-Don P.

“She is a dynamo of action and a pleasure to work with.”

What can I say about Dina Braverman and her crew at Organizing, Concepts and Design? To put it simply, if you’re housebound because of the Covid pandemic and at a loss for making your lives simpler and uncluttered, call Dina ASAP since this is the perfect time to simplify and declutter your life. In record time she will organize your papers, closets, drawers, garages and attics so you can breathe again. All this while observing strict compliance with Covid rules. We were in the process of moving when Dina came into our lives. Our home was being readied for a move to a Senior Retirement Community– with boxes everywhere. Of course, the move didn’t happen because of the Corona Virus.  Instead Dina helped me “move back ” into our home, leaner and meaner and definitely more livable than before. (By the way, your kids will thank you for doing this!!) She is a dynamo of action and a pleasure to work with. I can’t thank her enough for helping us live more comfortably in our home until and if we can make the move once again. If we have to remain in our home forever, a terrific burden has been lifted. We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Dina and her crew. We love her!! She’s worth every penny we paid to get our lives under control.

-Elaine K.

“Dina’s systems offer finite solutions to live by.”

I have been working with Dina, owner of OCD for several years now.
She has completely transformed my home office and the way I run my business. Dina and I continue to collaborate on my business growth and organization. Dina’s systems offer finite solutions to live by. My professional life as a landscape designer has been made more profitable by virtue of these organizing techniques. I highly recommend Dina and her staff. Amazing!!!!!

-Merri Lee M.

“You get what you pay for and what you get here is excellence.”

Better than expected. Exceeded expectations and beyond. Professional, timely, creative, hardworking, accessible, flexible and brilliant. You get what you pay for and what you get here is excellence. I needed an organizer and searched on the internet and found OCD. Dina was easy to reach, easy to schedule, and they came over immediately. My situation was that I moved into a new home. There were boxes and boxes of unopened stuff from the move, the kitchen and bedroom closets were dysfunctional, the garage was a storage area of unorganized crap, desks were full of junk, and I needed an objective eye to separate important stuff, not so important stuff, goodwill, and trash. Important items were not easily accessible while the not so important stuff was in the way. I needed to organize, consolidate, prioritize, sell and clean.
The result was not only creative organization, but more room, more functionality, and the best organized home I have ever lived in. It is therapeutic. There is space where none existed, there was functionality, my kid’s bedroom was decorated, and we unloaded bags and bags and bags of goodwill and trash. Lost items were found, redundancies were reduced, they even know how to fix things and get sellable items online for you to make a quick buck. Better than a garage sale.This is a TOP NOTCH ORGANIZATION. Welcome to the last organizers you will ever need.

-Vic R

“…within a day, all my boxes were unpacked and everything put away.”

I’m a fairly organized person and didn’t really think I needed help organizing, but my realtor recommended Dina’s company. I almost cancelled, but instead Dina assured me that everyone moving needs help. She sent three assistants and within a day, all my boxes were unpacked and everything put away. She alleviated concerns by saying that I could use them for as long or short a period as I needed. The women asked me questions that helped guide where they placed things. I’m quite sure that had I done it all myself, it would have taken weeks and impacted my sense of wellbeing, as well as that I would never have come up with the clever solutions to space issues given that I was downsizing. I’m amazed that I still have room in my drawers and kitchen pantry. I’m able to find what I need and just love how much MORE organized I’ve become with their help. It’s so motivating to keep up the organization once it’s done so well! Also, when they left, they took all of the moving boxes and paper that were trashed so that I didn’t have to deal with them. Such a relief! A final thought: letting someone into your stuff makes you feel a bit vulnerable. These women were amazing at increasing my comfort level with a process I was unsure of. I will never move again without help, and I will likely invite them back to help me next with my garage.

-Carol M.

“…this team EXCEEDED all my expectations!! They were absolutely fabulous.”

I was connected to Dina through my Realtor that is selling a home for us. When I first called Dina on the scope of work I had for her, I was immediately impressed with her knowledge and the level of detail she provided. I needed special attention on this home since it was an inherited property. We needed clearing of lots of trash that was built up from years of neglect, but also potential valuables hidden within the vast number of items. Therefore, this home needed a team that would quickly sort through the mounds of items for trash whilst looking for the valuable items. This was so stressful for me to even think about but for Dina, she comforted me that this is a ‘piece of cake’.
Dina came over to preview the job site and again impressed me with the clarity she provided on how her team would execute the job against my requirements. What business tries to save you money? All I can say is I signed on the spot! I clearly saw there was no other option for this job other than Dina’s team!
The team came a day after to begin what was a 3-day job [again Dina’s forecast on amount of time was spot on]. All I can say is this team EXCEEDED all my expectations!! They were absolutely fabulous. Very caring of the home and items they were searching for and very committed to diligence in their work and speed – amazing speed!
Dina provides all types of services so if you want to cross a huge item off your ‘to-do’ list and not have to worry about it – HIRE Dina!

-Craig S.

“… every person who works with her are professional, thoughtful, excellent communication and organizational skills.

I’m so glad I found Dina!! I was downsizing and moving and had 2 storage units. I was a deer in the headlights. Dina’s crew came in and helped me to first go through and get rid of what I didn’t need, making the move lighter. Then helped me on the other side to unpack and get settled in my new home … every person who works with her are professional, thoughtful, excellent communication and organizational skills. It was seamless and pain free. And put together in a way that is easy to maintain. Highly recommend for any job big or small.

-Melonie K.

“Dina was able to help me donate to three different places. The same day she did her job, I received donation invoices, AND, she arranged/scheduled a pickup for me…”

I found Dina while looking for someone to set up an estate sale for me. Dina tag-teamed with the estate sale guy by cleaning up everything after the Estate Sale ended. Would I recommend or use Dina again, ABSOLUTELY! Why would I recommend her so highly?

She organized all of the people that needed to come to the house to pick up items within the house, in garden sheds, outdoor patio and garage. She and her team sorted through everything, determining what would go to Junk, or could be donated. Dina was able to help me donate to three different places. The same day she did her job, I received donation invoices, AND, she arranged/scheduled a pickup for me from Habitat for Humanity. She was quick, efficient, continually communicated with me to keep me updated, asked me to confirm if I wanted to keep specific items or not rather than just tossing them. She also gave me some good advice on things I may want to keep or toss given my situation. And last but not least, even after she left, she reached out a few times to find out if Habitat for Humanity pickup worked, if she could help in any other way. All I can say is, if you need help clearing out a house and leaving it clear of everything you don’t want, Dina is who I would go to.

-Helen K.

“Dina and her team just finished playing a pivotal role in guiding us through one of life’s most stressful rites of passage: downsizing!”

In our case downsizing involved identifying every task required to move us from a 3400 sq ft house into an 1121 sq ft suite in a new retirement facility. All under the time constraints of a 30-day escrow compounded by a late turn on. Every aspect of this project was handled with extreme professionalism by her knowledgeable staff. The guidance we received not only expedited the project but enabled us to deal with the emotional aspects of deciding what to keep, what to donate and what to trash. Amanda and Leslie did a magnificent job in getting our stuff identified and organized for the move and the subsequent unpacking in our new place. I believe we’re it not for Dina and her team helping us, we would still be packing while perched atop the horns of the “what to keep” dilemma.
Dina’s experience in this little-known field of Organizing extends beyond the work we just described. Her network of partners brought us in contact with the firm who did the physical move and the firm who conducted the Estate Sale. At the end of the estate sale, she arranged to clear everything that was not sold such that the only thing left over was the dust on the floor.
In reviewing what was involved with this enormous (for us) undertaking, we consider our decision to involve OCD to be the wisest investment we made during the whole process.

-Dick G.

“My closet was transformed from stuffed and unorganized to clean and user friendly.”

Dina sent Leslie, who understood what my needs were. She helped me make decisions as to what to keep, donate, etc. Leslie worked really hard and gave my closet new life in one day. It was a huge project but Leslie worked really hard and came up with ideas that would work for my life. Having a clean closet makes me feel so good. I am starting my mornings off in a better space. Thank you, Dina, and Leslie. I wish I had done it sooner.

-Vanessa Nellis

“…in a matter of hours, sorted through my late mother’s estate, prepared my personal items for moving, dropped items off for donation, and had trash removed.”

Dina and the crew at Organizing Concepts & Designs worked magic and went above and beyond. They came in and, in a matter of hours, sorted through my late mother’s estate, prepared my personal items for moving, dropped items off for donation, and had trash removed. This was especially helpful as I was going through cancer treatment and was overwhelmed by the project and having to move all at the same time. I felt treated like a queen and I didn’t have to worry about anything. After my items were moved to my new home, Dina’s team came in and organized my new home and even surprised me by decorating for Christmas. The placement and storage of every item was thoughtfully planned out, shown to me for approval, and made moving the week before the holidays super easy – even my storage unit was well planned out! My out-of-town family arrived a few days after completion and my guests remarked, “It’s like you’ve lived here for years.” Dina spoke honestly and gave us a very fair price, though, in my opinion, her services are worth so much more. Even our neighbors were super impressed with the efficiency and thoughtfulness of her team. I would recommend hiring Organizing Concepts & Designs to make decluttering, organizing and moving less stressful and super successful! Thanks OCD!!

-Kathy Molloy

I can’t believe I waited so long to get organized!

I am a Chiropractor and I have been in private practice for more than 20 years. When I heard about Dina’s services, I was immediately inclined to hire her as a consultant as I knew my office could use some help and I had heard of Dina’s incredible reputation and organizational skills.

At the end of 4 weeks, Dina created an efficient and productive office environment by implementing organizational systems, follow-up procedures for me and my staff to follow and a Procedural Manual designed for my office.

During the reorganization of my office, Dina found nearly $30,000 in revenue that would never have been found otherwise. That’s right, $30,000. How’s that for a tidy piece of change?

Apparently I should have done this much sooner. But, I must say, better late than never. My office is running more efficiently than ever, it is well organized and there are systems in place that my staff have found easy to follow and maintain.

These are just examples of what Dina can do and has done in helping busy professionals better organize their offices. Can you imagine finding” $30,000 in your business?

I am writing this letter as I am confident that Dina’s services can benefit you in so many ways that you never even thought of. While this single anecdote hardly captures all that Dina’s services can do for any office-based business, I think it’s enough to whet your appetite for learning more about Dina and her services.”

– Dr. Mitchel J. Steinberg, D.C.

The skills I learned have been invaluable

I met Dina 12 years ago when she hired me as her assistant. She was working as a Legal Assistant/Office Manager in a law firm and I was in college at the time. I had no prior work experience. Dina took me under her wing and taught me how to organize and maintain filing systems, how to implement follow-up procedures and, most importantly, how to be efficient with my time.

I know and believe that Dina’s success was rooted in her ability to organize. However, she was able to teach me how to be organized and stay organized. The knowledge, skills and experience that I gained under Dina’s tutelage have been embedded in my life and have been invaluable both personally and professionally.

I believe that so much of what I learned from Dina has helped me through school as well as with my career. In retrospect, even though I was so young and inexperienced at the time, the knowledge has stayed with me. I now have a successful law practice and I attribute much of my success to the skills that Dina has taught me over the years.

It is my privilege to recommend Dina Braverman’s Organizing Concepts & Designs. She has been an amazing mentor and I recommend her services to anyone or any business in need of organization, re-organization, prioritizing and time management.

– Sabrina Cohan, Esq.

A life changing experience

For years, I had been feeling overwhelmed with clutter in different areas of my house! I was convinced I could organize it in small chunks on my own yet it never happened!! My frustration got the best of me and in November 2010 I took the plunge and hired Dina to help me organize my home, She has taught me so much and its really been a life changing experience. I think of her like a fitness trainer-she keeps me accountable! I’m proud to say that the systems Dina has helped me put into place are working and the best part is that my children are getting more organized as well! I highly recommend Dina!

– Talee Sands

Kitchen project – A job well done!

Dina, it was a pleasure working with you on my client’s kitchen project. When she mentioned glass doors I was concerned about how it would look. Once you organized her kitchen, I realized that I need not be concerned any longer. Your suggestions and input on the project were amazing. My client is thrilled with the outcome and organization. You were a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with you in the near future. Please feel free to use me as a reference and thanks again for a job well done.

– Howard Brent, President, Kitchen City

Wow, what a difference!

I have an at home office that was so disorganized and cluttered that it was becoming increasingly more difficult to get anything done. I spent more time searching for things that I misplaced than I did working.

A friend recommended that I use Organizing Concepts & Designs to become better organized and more efficient.

Organizing Concepts & Designs to the rescue! Not only did she help me put everything in order, but she showed me ways to keep myself organized. I now have an efficient, well organized office, where everything has a place and I can find what I need immediately.

No more clutter, no more time wasted searching for things and I am more productive than ever.

Thank you for making my life less stressful.

– Phyllis Altman

A burden lifted

Thank you so much, Dina. You helped in more ways than just organizing papers. You lifted a great burden off of Tricia and myself and provided much needed support during a difficult time. Your presence alone was of great service. I’m glad Tricia had a chance to meet the “Angel” who did all the work and that you, too could meet the one for whom your talents served. We are both very grateful. I will remember you for future needs – until then, a great big thank you! With sincere gratitude.

– Lynda Roberts

No more chaos

I am a Speech Pathologist and have worked from my home office for the past twenty years. It holds a desk and chair, bookcases, files, computer, printer and paper, paper, paper, paper…

I have read many articles and browsed many websites in an attempt to get information about how to organize my office. I have also hired people with organizational skills to help me over the years, but have had minimal success in keeping it together. It seems that I initially followed the suggestions and advice and was a bit more organized for awhile. However, in the long run everything was back to chaos.

Organizing Concepts & Designs was recommended to me by a colleague and my life has changed! I no longer look at a paper and move it from place to place and then forget where I put it. I no longer look for a file which I was looking at just two minutes before. With the system and knowledge that Organizing Concepts & Designs provided me, my home office is now organized and I have been able to spend my time more productively and efficiently.

I highly recommend Organizing Concepts & Designs to others who find themselves in the same position I USED to be in.

– Dorothea Schwartz, M.A., C.C.C., SLP

From unmanageable and cluttered to neat and organized

Dina, you are not only an incredible professional organizer, but you are a warm, generous, loving and supporting person. You pick up on your client’s personality and needs so well that you IMMEDIATELY felt like family to me. You are so much more than just your job and yet your job is such a part of you. Everything you do comes from such a place of love and generosity of spirit– the need to help others. You make organizing a person’s space SO much more than moving objects around a room!

With you, it felt like I was changing my life! With each item hung on my wall and every pile of cluttered papers and magazines that you helped me to sort, I felt the weight and pressure of worry lifting from my body and a calm just washing over me. I knew that, after meeting you, there was someone in LA who had my back and wouldn’t let me fall through the cracks, or fail.

Professional organizer?! Pshaw! I say you are a professional healer. You enter a person’s cluttered life and get to work right away! You take all of that confusion that we have and doubt about the right things we should do and simplify it all into manageable tasks that make us feel in control and able to take on our futures!

You truly are the best, and I thank the universe for you all the time! I think the mark of a great professional organizer is that the client forgets that things weren’t always so neat and organized but rather super unmanageable and cluttered. I can’t imagine a life with disorder because you made it so simple that the maintenance of it all became a natural part of my day-to-day. You’ve given me an eye for things, and whenever I want to change something or have questions, I know that you will ALWAYS be there. You. Are. My. Hero. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being EXACTLY what I hoped you would be when I found you on the list of LA’s Professional Organizers. You get things done, you are a friend when I need you and you are always 100% on top of everything. You totally inspire me, and I couldn’t be luckier to know you!

I can’t tell you how much better the re-organization of my space has left me feeling! It frees the mind and soul in such amazing ways when your space is clear and unfettered. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Tons and Tons of Love!

– Liz Pellini