Can you find your important documents when you need them right away?  Are they all in one place? 

 Having your important documents organized and in one place, is, by far, one of the most important areas of your life to have organized.

 All of your important documents can and should be stored safely, in one place, to prevent chaos in the case of a disaster or emergency.  Take control of your important documents and get them organized before something happens.  Put them together in a binder or if you have one, a fireproof/waterproof container.  Whatever you choose, make sure that it is accessible and can be easily carried out of the house in case of any emergency.

 The following is a list of documents that should be kept together and in a safe place:


Last Will & Testament

Living Trust

Power of Attorney

Healthcare Directives

Beneficiary Designations

Birth Certificates

Adoption Records

Prenuptial Agreements

Marriage License

Divorce Decrees or Separation Agreement

Child Support Documents

Mortgage Papers/Real Estate Deeds

List of All Tangible Personal Property

Most Recent Tax Returns

Military Service Records/Military Discharge Papers

Insurance Papers (The “Declarations” page of your Insurance Policies including, but not limited to, Homeowners, Flood, Earthquake, Umbrella, Life and Term)

Automobile Leases/Vehicle Titles

Employment Contracts/Business Agreements

Contact Information (Friends, Family, Doctors, Bankers, Lawyers, Insurance Brokers/Agents, Business Associates)

Social Security Cards/Passports/Visas

Medical Records for Each Family Member (Including Pets)


Finally, make sure to give someone else, perhaps your attorney or other trusted advisor, a copy for safekeeping.