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Professional Organizing Services: Los Angeles County, San Fernando Valley, Ventura County, San Gabriel Valley and surrounding areas.

Tired of living in clutter? Not enough space in the closet? Papers all over your desk? Need to plan a move or have an Estate Sale and don’t know where to begin? We can help! Organizing Concepts and Designs, aka OCD, is a full service Professional Organizing Company.

Here Are Some Of The Services We Offer

closet organizing

Home Organizing:

  • Organizing (anything or any place in the home and/or office)
  • Decluttering
  • Downsizing
  • Scheduling and overseeing trash removal and donation collection
organize office

Office Organizing:

  • Maximize productivity through time management
  • Implement custom filing systems to meet your unique needs
  • Streamline paper management and workflow procedures
  • Establish procedures that can be maintained over time
moving relocation


  • Packing for an upcoming move
  • Obtaining estimates from moving companies
  • Facilitating the entire moving process
  • Unpacking in a new residence


  • Getting the house ready for marketing photos prior to sale using client’s furnishings and accessories
  • We concentrate on all areas of the home and will move things around as needed
  • We box/pack things up to move them to the garage or other storage area as necessary
estate sales

Estate Sales:

  • Selling possessions (depending on their value)
  • Preparing items for sale
  • Researching prices for items to be sold
  • Advertising and managing Estate Sales
clearing homes residences

Property Clearing:

  • Completely clear out any and all unwanted household items
  • Scheduling and overseeing trash removal
  • Shredding (can be done on-site or off-site)
  • Hauling any items that cannot be donated (mattresses, box springs, broken, stained or damaged items)
  • Packing for and facilitating donation drop-off and/or pick-up
  • Note: We clear! We do not clean, but can recommend a cleaning service.

Let us help you get “better” organized.

Tips From An Organized Mind

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What Clients Say

“Dina and the crew at Organizing Concepts & Designs worked magic and went above and beyond.”

-Kathy Malloy

“We were impressed with Dina’s commitment to accomplishing the job on time and within budget, while taking the time to ensure non-profit organizations had the opportunity to acquire furnishings that would help them serve the unhoused and underserved communities of the LA area, an important facet of the project to us.”

-Steve Renner

“…the entire team has a wonderful cooperative and positive vibe and truly a pleasure to work with. “

-Sonna Kim

“The “hoarder house” had been unoccupied for over a year. The heirs were battling over the personal items, and I needed someone who could not only deal with the overwhelming amount of clutter but was trustworthy and able to uncover any valuables. “

-Bernard Wesson

“My closet was transformed from stuffed and unorganized to clean and user friendly.”

-Vanessa Nellis

“…downsizing involved identifying every task required to move us from a 3400 sq ft house into an 1121 sq ft suite in a new retirement facility. All under the time constraints of a 30-day escrow…we consider our decision to involve OCD to be the wisest investment we made during the whole process.”

-Dick G

“…after the estate sale…Dina was able to help me donate to three different places. The same day she did her job, I received donation invoices, AND, she arranged/scheduled a pickup for me from Habitat for Humanity.

-Helen K

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