There are so many of life’s transitions that we will go through at one point in our lives or another. Some good, some not so good. But, I think what we can all agree upon is that change is going to happen and when it does, its going to be challenging, Even though change is one of the constant things that we can count in in this life, most of us are a bit resistant, especially in the beginning, to roll with it. 

call ocd I have found that one way to deal with the stress and anxiety of change is to prepare and be ready, as much as possible, whenever possible. Being organized is key when dealing with transition/change!  

 I’m going to address the most common transitions that most people will encounter in their lives where being organizing will be extremely beneficial.

September’s newsletter addressed the issues surrounding moving. This one will address the other top common transitions:


Getting Married: There are so many things to do if you’re getting married and planning a wedding. Being organized will make the difference between having fun or being stressed out while planning what should be the best (or at least one of the best) days in your life.

For starters, keeping a list and/or calendar as to when certain things need to be done will be a godsend. There are many, many things to do and there are thousands of books that can guide you through planning a wedding. Check out for a free comprehensive checklist. In the meantime, here are a few things to consider…

Know when to:

  • Reserve a location
  • Send out invitations or save the date cards
  • Start shopping for your dress/suit
  • Wardrobe for your wedding party
  • Reserve a block of rooms at a local hotel for out-of-town guests
  • Interview service vendors
  • florists, dj, band, photographer, videographer, caterer
  • Hire someone to officiate

Getting Divorced: While not so much fun, being organized before the s**t hits the fan would be in your best interest.   Having your paperwork accessible will be critical. Being able to complete paperwork for the court or your attorneys on your own will save you a lot of time and money.

Make sure you have access to your:

  • Financial records:
  • tax returns, investments, bank account info
  • Estate planning documents:
  • will, trust, power of attorney and health care directives
  • Insurance information:
  • life insurance, long term care, health, homeowners, auto
  • Pre-nup/Post-Nup Agreement (if you have one)
  • Property documents:
  • Mortgage, Home Equity Line of Credit if there is one, Deed/Title

 Having Children: What a blessing! But, if you’re not prepared/organized it can be quite difficult and stressful.  From the time they’re born til the time they move out (and sometimes beyond that) there’s always something going on.  Crazy schedules are the norm and making sure that nothing is forgotten is enough to overwhelm anyone.

One way to keep it together and keep up is to use an on-line calendar or app that your family has access to so that everyone can always be in the know. Check out this link for the top 10 calendaring apps for families: › family › best-calendar-apps-for-families

The following is a list of a few things for you to consider adding to your calendar to make sure you stay on track:

  • Appointments:
  • school activities, social activities, doctor appointments
  • Keep a “To Do” list of important things to do:
  • Prioritize your “To Do’s”
  • Do something every day to stay on top of your chores/errands:
  • One day do a load of laundry, one day food shopping, one day pay the bills, pick up the dry cleaning, etc.

Dealing with Death: Losing a loved one is difficult enough. There’s going to be a lot to do and the more information you have at your fingertips, the easier it will be. Have these difficult conversations before it’s too late. 

Ask your parents, spouse, in-laws, where they keep:

  • Important documents
  • Passwords
  • Keys:
  • house, car, safety deposit box
  • Money:
  • which bank(s)
  • Contact info for their:
  • Lawyers, CPA’s, close friends and family)

While you’re at it, do yourself a favor and get your paperwork together and let your loved ones know where they are!

 I repeat, organization is key.   Being organized will make everything so much easier to deal with.  

If you don’t have the time or inclination but know that you need some assistance, give us a call. We’d love to help.