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If you’re like most people, you’ve either thought of or actually made a New Year’s Resolution. Believe it or not, organizing is right up there in the top 10 list of resolutions. Yup, it’s true! Getting organized, or better organized as the case may be, is one of the top ten New Year’s Resolutions and has been for a really long time.

The problem is, and I’m probably not telling you anything you don’t already know, that most people don’t stick with it. Whether it’s losing weight, eating healthier, going to the gym or getting organized, which are all great resolutions, it’s difficult to actually stay on track.

So, whatever your New Year’s Resolution is to make this year better than last, here’s some great tips to help you stay on track:

1. Determine what the goal is. If losing weight is the goal, determine how much weight so there is a definitive goal. Know what your end game is.

2. Make a plan. You know the saying “a goal without a plan is just a wish”. Put time on your calendar to get it (whatever “it” is) done. Check your schedule and make time in your day that works best for you. Even if you only have a few minutes, it’s better than nothing and it’s still inching you towards the goal.

3. Break “it” down into actionable steps. If organizing is the goal (sorry, I couldn’t help myself with this example), determine what area(s) you want to organize. Let’s say it’s organizing the garage. Instead of trying to tackle it all in one day, try first looking at the garage and determine what can be thrown away immediately (garbage, empty boxes, broken furniture). Then figure out what you want to donate and put those items together. Now that you’ve got more room in the garage you can move on to the next step. It’s a process and does NOT need to get done in one day. Take the time and get organized little by little. Eventually you’ll get there.

4. Learn to say “NO”. It will free up some time to do the things that are important to you.

5. Delegate. If you don’t want to do something, give it to someone else to do. Sometimes you’ll have to pay someone else but that’s okay. You can’t do it all!

6. Ask for Help. It’s okay to ask for help if you want it or need it. If you have a significant other or a friend that can help, ask them! The worst that can happen is that they’ll say no. Then, if necessary, hire someone.

7. Make it fun. Put on some music. Set a timer to see how much you were able to accomplish during that time. Reward yourself when you’re finished (but only when you’re finished).

8. Invite a Friend. Getting a friend or someone else to participate is a great idea. It’s not only more fun but it will keep you accountable.

9. Set a deadline. Figure out realistically how long this project should take. Make an appointment with yourself (yes, that’s a thing) and put it on your calendar. If it’s on your calendar it’s more likely to get done. Set reminders along the way.

10. Just do it! Whether your resolution is getting back to the gym or getting “better” organized there’s no time like the present to make it happen.

I think that people make resolutions, especially New Year’s Resolutions, because they really want to accomplish something that they haven’t been able to do. Make 2022 the year you actually do it. It’s not that hard. It just takes some a goal, a plan and some action.

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