As Professional Organizers, we are in other people’s closets almost every day. And, every day, we try to figure out new and different ways to help people find more room and functionality for their clothes and accessories.

Many people call us because they need help to make their closet functional. Some, if not most, need more space. Others want to redesign their closet to add more features.

Unfortunately, they hire either a handyman or a closet company to design and build the closet without consulting an Organizer and wind up disappointed because there’s so many things they weren’t told about or didn’t know about that could have made their closet more functional and/or accessible.

So, if your closet needs some love, here are some things that every closet should have:

1. Good Hangers – Yes. This makes a difference. The thinner they are the more room you’ll have to hang your clothes. Make sure that you have the different kinds needed (ie., pants hangers are different than shirt hangers)

2. Belt Rack – Everyone has belts. There should be a belt rack in every closet

3. Valet Rod – They come in really handy when you’re getting dressed

4. Adjustable Shelves – Every shelf should be adjustable because everyone’s needs are different

5. Drawers – Every closet should have at least 5 drawers of different depths to accommodate underwear, socks, lingerie and other personal items

6. Hanging area for longer items – Every closet should have a place to hang Dresses, Suits, Robes and other long items

7. Double hanging area for pants – You can make more room by having double hanging areas for shorter items

8. Shelves for Shoes – Make sure these shelves are not slanted as the shoes usually fall off

9. Full-Length Mirror – It’s always a good idea to have a full-length mirror somewhere in the closet so you can see how you look when you’re getting dressed without having to leave the closet

10. A Chair or small bench – If space allows it’s a good addition so you don’t have to go somewhere else to put on your shoes

Seems simple enough but you’d be surprised how many closets don’t have these items built in.

If your closet needs some attention, give us a call, we’d LOVE to be of service!