As I was selecting a quote for this month’s blog, I decided to use, “Imagine” by John Lennon, as a jumping off point.
     Since John Lennon’s infamous and timeless song “Imagine” is one of my favorite songs, I thought it would be fun to tie it in with my favorite subject, ORGANIZING!  What a concept?
     I often talk to my clients about their goals when we first meet about their organizing project. I ask them to “imagine” what it would feel like to be organized and to describe that to me. This helps us determine what to do so that ultimately, our client is happy with the results.
In this article, I ask you to “imagine” how you would feel if:
1.   You could quickly and consistently find something (ie, your keys) when you want it or more importantly, need it.
2.   You knew where to put something (ie, your purse, backpack, briefcase) when you get to your home or office so that if was always in that spot if and when you need it, instead of just throwing it on the floor or nearest surface.
3.    You could have more time in your day (we all have the same 24 hours but we don’t all use them effectively) to do the things you enjoy. 
4.     You could feel more confident inviting people to your home or office without having to stress out about “getting it together” before your company arrives. 
5.     You could save money by not having to buy the same thing twice, or more, (Ya know, when you know you have something in the house but just can’t find it.  Maybe its something as simple as glue.  Then you have to go out in a hurry to buy it, only to find that item a few weeks or months later when it appears in an unlikely place).
6.     Finally, since Tax time is upon us, what if you could pull all of the documents together for your taxes, whether you’re doing them or having a professional do them for you, in an hour instead of it being an all day and dreadful event?
     These are just a few of the many things that can and will improve if you are “better” organized. 
     For those of you who think you are already organized, I have news for you…you can always be “better” organized.  I have been organizing since I was 2 years old and professionally for 7 years and I still continue to learn about new and different ways to organize things when working with my colleagues on different jobs.  Not to mention that there are a countless number of organizing products on the market that you might not know about.  So, just another set of eyes and another way of doing things can help you get “better” organized.  Oh, and one more thing…it’s always easier and more fun to undertake an organizing project with someone else.
     If you or someone you know could use some help getting organized or “better” organized as the case may be, GIVE US A CALL!  We’d love to help and, if I don’t say so myself, we have an amazing team of Professional Organizers, each with their own specialty, who can help (check our the “About Us” page on our website to learn more).  From paper management/filing systems, to relocations (packing/unpacking) to downsizing and de-cluttering to garages and Estate Sales (and so much more) we can help you get organized, “better” organized and put systems into place that you can easily manage and maintain.