When someone is moving, or has moved, most of the time there are many items that are no longer wanted or needed. Things that people don’t want to bring to their new home. Things that family and friends don’t want either.

Anyone who has moved knows (or should know) that the house, whether owned or rented, has to be “cleared” before the new owners/renters take possession.

“Clearing” a property means that the house/premises have to be COMPLETELY clear. Every cabinet, cupboard, closet, drawer and room has to be empty! More importantly, there is usually a dead-line as to when the house/premises has to be empty (ie, close of escrow).

So, what do you do with the things that you no longer need or want?

The obvious answer is to donate or try to sell those items that are no longer wanted or needed. Unfortunately some of those items can’t be sold or donated either. Here’s a short list of some items that can’t (or shouldn’t) be donated:
-Anything that is stained/soiled
-Things that are broken or missing pieces
-Old Textbooks

Those items that can’t be donated are deemed trash. Obviously you can throw those things in the trash. But:
1. What if there is so much trash that it won’t all fit in the trash bins?
2. What if there are certain items that are so big (think mattress) that they can’t fit in the trash?
3. What if it’s too big or too heavy and you can’t get it to the trash?

All good questions!
The answer is… call us for help. Organizing Concepts and Designs will facilitate the entire process and make sure that the premises are completely empty and we will do timely. We work with a multitude of resources to make sure that the house will be completely clear in time for the keys to be turned over to the new owners/renters. Some of our resources are:
1. Donation companies
2. Trash removal/hauling companies
3. Shredding Companies
4. Consignment Stores
5. Auction Houses
6. Art Dealers
7. Cleaning Services

*NOTE: It is important to know that clearing and cleaning are entirely different. Clearing is making sure the house is empty. Cleaning is making sure the house is clean.