For those of you who read last month’s newsletter, you may recall that I needed the help of a Professional Organizer.   As a reminder, my house had been undergoing a major renovation and when everything was finished I needed to put “humpty dumpty back together again”.  iStock_000010631522XSmall

While I was organized before, during and even after the remodel, the thought of putting everything back into place by myself was daunting.  I work, I’m busy and I wanted it to get done in one day rather than days or weeks.   I just wanted to get it done!

A long time ago when I first started organizing a seasoned organizer told me that it would be a good exercise for me to hire another organizer to see what it feels like when someone else is touching your “stuff”, suggesting things to do with your “stuff”.

Well, I finally took the advice and hired a Professional Organizer. She happens to work with me often with my clients but it’s very different when you become the client.

This is what I learned:

1.   It’s not only okay to ask for help… it’s important. 

2.   It’s great that help is available for these types of situations.

3.   We all have different ways of doing things but, sometimes, another way is better.

4.   There are so many products and solutions out there that I either forgot or didn’t know about.  Now I have a few more things to share with  my clients.

5.    EVERYONE, even Professional Organizers, will need help at some time in their lives with some area in their life.

In my last newsletter, I promised to let you know how it all worked out.  IT WAS AWESOME!   My house is back together, I learned about new products and new ways of doing things that I might not have learned otherwise.  

If there’s a place in your house, office, storage unit that you  need help with, give us a call.   YOU DESERVE IT!