Back to school is a time for your kids to meet new challenges and take on new responsibilities. Whether they are going to school or home schooling due to the Covid Pandemic, organization is so important.

Organization is a skill that will help them not only in school but at home and in every aspect of their lives. An organized routine will lay the foundation for academic success.

The following information and tips will help them get organized & stay organized throughout the school year and hopefully throughout their lives.

There are many different ways to organize anything:
-Everyone organizes in his or her own way. You have to decide which way of organizing is easiest and best for YOU!
-The goal is be able to find what you need when you need it without spending time looking for it.

-Always keep things in the same place so you know where to look for them. For example, put your backpack by the door where you will see it on your way out.
-To keep your space clutter free, put away your things when you finish using them.
-Make sure everything has a home that makes sense.
-Don’t rely on your parents or teachers to keep you organized.

1. Create a morning schedule:
-Set up a schedule in the morning that will help you stay organized. A sample schedule might be: Wake up at 6:45. Shower and get dressed by 7:15. Eat breakfast by 7:30 and leave at 7:50.
-Make sure you allow extra time in case something goes wrong (ie. you wake up late).
-Follow the same routine every day.

2. Mornings in most households are busy. To leave yourself enough time, make these part of your routine:
-Set out your clothes to save time the night before.
-Also set out any sports equipment for the next day’s extra-curricular activities.
-Pack your backpack the night before.
-Make sure your homework is in your backpack.
-Also make sure you have papers that need to be signed, gym clothes, etc. that you will need the following day.
-Don’t forget to grab your lunch or lunch money before you leave.

1. Always do your homework!
-Keep phone numbers of two people in each class so you can call them to get information about homework assignments if you are absent.
-Visit your teachers’ websites to check homework assignments.

2. Set a designated time to do all of your homework.
-Limit distractions until study time is over
-Close the door, turn off the TV, cell phone, etc. so you can concentrate.
-Prioritize your assignments
-Some assignments are given a day or two before they are due. But, be sure if time allows, that you do everything on the first night assigned. For instance, if on Monday, one assignment is given in math that is due Tuesday and a short composition in English due Wednesday, do both. Because, on Tuesday, you could get several more assignments due Wednesday- Monday was a light day, and there would have been time. If you wait another day, you face the possibility of being inundated with more work.
-If you have sports or other extra-curricular activities that might conflict with your homework schedule, plan accordingly.

3. Do your most difficult homework assignment first so you can get the hard stuff out of the way.

4. Designate a study space, preferably a clean and well lit area.

5. When you’re done with your homework:
-Place it in your backpack in an area by the door.
-Keep completed homework assignments in the inside front pocket of the binder for that subject so you will always know where to find it.
-You don’t want to lose homework and possibly suffer a lower grade because you can’t find the work to submit to your teachers.

The bottom line is, everything will be MUCH EASIER when you are organized.