As most of you know by now, helping people relocate is one of the many services that we offer.
We help with:
1. Downsizing: Getting rid of anything that you don’t want whether by donating, selling (if it has value) or tossing.
2. De-cluttering: We take all of the excess decor and personal items off the counters, shelves and other common areas and either put them away or pack them. Of course if you no longer want something we will donate it, sell it (if it has value) or toss it.
3. Staging: Getting the house ready for sale or, as we like to say… light staging: We don’t bring in or rent furniture or accessories. Rather, we use what you have and make it look good so that your property is ready for the realtor to take photos.
4. Packing: I guess this speaks for itself. We basically pack up whatever you are taking with you or want to ship to someone else.
5. Estimates: We will schedule 3 estimates from moving companies so that you can compare rates & services.
6. Donations: We will help you figure out what to donate and will either take those items for you and obtain a donation receipt for you or, schedule a donations pick-up
7. Trash Removal: We will schedule and oversee trash removal to make sure that the property is completely clear when you move out. Every closet, cupboard, drawer etc will be completely empty.
8. Moving Day: We will be there on the day of your move to make sure everything goes smoothly.
9. Unpacking: Hands down our favorite task. We get to put your new home together in an organized, accessible and functional manner. It will look great too!

You can choose to utilize all or any one of the services mentioned above to make your move less stressful and overwhelming.