Staging Your Home Can Increase It’s Value

LISTEN UP.  This is important! 

It’s moving season and many people are getting ready to list their homes for sale.   

If you’re selling your home, it’s important to get it ready for your realtor to show it to prospective buyers. The better your house shows, the more you’ll get for it.  The goal is for people walking through your house:

  •   To be excited about the potential of living there
  •   To imagine themselves living in your home 
  •   To want to make an offer

Here are a few helpful hints to stage your home to increase it’s value:

     1.   Remove the clutter from all surfaces.  Clutter is the stuff you don’t need every day to function.

     2.   Put away all personal photos on surfaces and on walls.

     3.   Remove any excess furniture (think eating trays for example).

     4.   Clean up as if you were expecting company.

     5.   Beautify a bit: make the beds and put on some pretty throw pillows if you have any, put fresh flowers on the table…

     6.  Make sure that the house smells good.  If necessary, drop some lemon down the garbage disposal.

     7.  Easy fixes:  Patch holes in the wall, touch up where paint is needed, clean the carpet.

     8.  Open the blinds and curtains.  Let in some natural light.

     9.  First impressions are really important so make sure the entry to your house looks nice and inviting.  

     10.  Give the outside some love too.  Plant some flowers outside, mow the lawn, sweep the stoop.

These are just a few easy, do-it-yourself, things that you can do to get your house ready to show.

If you need some help, please give us a call.   We’re ready when you are!

Good luck!


Preparing your house for sale

When preparing your house for sale, your ultimate goal will be to have potential buyers fall in love with your house and to have this happen, your home needs to be appealing and free of clutter.

Organize, clean, and de-clutter your property to prepare it for potential buyers. A cluttered home isn’t one that’s going to attract buyers. When potential buyers show up, you want them to admire your home rather than the things in your home. Disorganization is distracting and will have their eyes wandering to all the wrong places.

A clean house can show potential buyers the value of your property. There’s nothing that says a property is worth its asking price more than the care that went into the property. Show potential buyers that your property is worth every penny by cleaning thoroughly, organizing efficiently, and reducing clutter.

Help prospective buyers envision themselves living in your house. Clutter can make your home appear small so make sure you tidy up and make your property appealing to prospective buyers. Remember, one of the main things that prospective buyers will be looking out for is square footage. They won’t show up with a tape measure ready to accurately go through each inch of your house, but instead, they’ll let their eyes do the calculating. With furniture in place and appealing decorations, you can help prospective buyers get a sense of what it’ll be like to live there.


What items should you keep, toss, and donate? Of course, you will want to get things organized and reduce the amount of items you have in your home, however, this doesn’t mean that everything needs to make its way to the dumpster. Instead, you can use accents such as mirrors and flower pots as well as lamps and plants to spruce up the appearance of your room. However, in the process of cleaning up, you want to rid your home of all the things that haven’t made their way out of your closet, cupboards, or attic for longer than a couple years. Make a separate pile for items that you want to keep, toss, and donate.

I can help coordinate your entire move, from packing to unpacking. If you’re in need of assistance with getting your old home cleared out and your new home set up, give me a call to make this transition a hassle free one. Although property owners are familiar with their home, it takes a high degree of knowledge and experience to make the move convenient and stress free.

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