A friend of mine was telling me a story this week about her conversation with her doctor. She was undergoing a surgical procedure and, in addition to some questions she had prepared, she asked him “what questions should I be asking”. This was the first time she was undergoing this type of procedure and wanted to make sure she was fully informed.

What a great question! How would you know what to ask if you’ve never done it (whatever “it” is) before?

So, I’m going to give you some information/suggestions to think about and questions to ask next time you’re hiring a company/business/doctor for the first time. 

Do your due diligence! It is so important to get all of the information you need before you hire anyone.

  • Look them up on Google or Google-My-Business, Yelp, etc. for reviews
  • Look at their website
  • Check references

Ask if what you want done is within their expertise. 

  • Just because someone is an attorney doesn’t mean they litigate. They may just do transactional work. Just because someone is a dentist doesn’t necessarily mean they know how or want to do esthetic dentistry. 
  • Get as much information as you can so everyone is clear and expectations are managed

Ask how long have they been in business?

Ask if they’re insured?

  • Clarify kind of insurance they carry? 
  • Worker’s Compensation? 
  • General Liability?
  • Errors & Omissions?
  • Cybersecurity?
  • Ask for a copy of the declarations page of the policies that would be necessary for the job you are hiring them for

Ask if they are licensed? (Not all occupations require licensing)

  • Get their license number?
  • Find out if they need a license to do what they do?
  • Make sure their license is in good standing?                                                                     

Find out if their workers are employees or independent contractors?

  • How long have the employees/independent contractors been working with you?
  • Do the independent contractors have insurance?
  • What kind of insurance do they have?
  • Ask for a copy of the declarations page of that/those policies?

How do they charge?

  • What kind of payment do they accept?
  • When is payment due?
  • Are there any extra charges NOT included in their estimate that you should be aware of?

The more questions you ask, the better informed you will be. Don’t be afraid to ask these or any other questions.  It lets people know that you want to make an informed decision. Getting information is the first and most important step to making the right decision.